Your Aim And Goal Is Not Your Career!

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The second question that will be asked in an interview is obviously, what is your aim? What is your goal? To add it you would have written in your Resume that you want to become an Astronaut, by the way you would be sitting for an interview in a software company. The HR will give you a reply “We will call you back” that means you moron, you are not selected, and the HR thinks he/she saved the company by not recruiting you. But the real moron is the HR and the company.


I have been seeing many HR, CEO saying we need people who have passion for entrepreneurship. The real fact is those lines are reel. Considering the human turnover that includes recruiting, training they will never absorb you.

There are many software engineers who respond to tickets in a software company, no I didn’t mean Wipro, TCS, CTS etc. The company call them as Engineers, really bad and those companies are called Software Company in general, they should actually be called as Software Service Company or customer Service Company.  No one is to blame.

Why that HR is called as moron/Simple she mistook the candidate’s answer. There are many things in a person’s life and remember Aim, goal, hobby, passion and career is different. There are not dependent and they are different. Take the example, your aim might be to become a journalist, your goal would be to start a company, your hobby is composing music, passion is writing and your career? Out of the aim, goal, hobby and passion your career may be


So don’t restrict to one thing, try to understand you perfectly, start working on everything and one day your career will a thing which you love. Don’t just be jack of all trade be a master of all trade. That will help in your life one day.


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Am the one who found Gravity. I am the one who invented Electricity. I invented Telephone and Wheel. The above said statements are false to my knowledge.

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