What is Dharma ? Defined.

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Dharma is a common word in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Not alone Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism say about dharma, all Religions say about Dharma. But what is Dharma? Wiki says it’s the “right way of living” Yes it is correct.  I would classify Dharma into two types,

dharma trichy and travel in down to world

  • General Dharma 


  • Specific Dharma

General dharma:-

General dharma is a general thing that all should follow. You can assume that it includes no to killing of insects, animals and believing in God.


Specific Dharma:-

Specific dharma is the highest level of dharma one can achieve. Once you achieve the general dharma, you are into specific dharma. Specific dharma is sticking to one thing, like not speaking lies, no to killing human beings, not getting into drugs or you can include the three promises that Mahatma Gandhi made to his mother while leaving India. Specific things may include all things that are void and not enforceable by Law. The ultimate law creating body is your Soul and Brain. When you attain or fulfill the specific you become the God for you.


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Am the one who found Gravity. I am the one who invented Electricity. I invented Telephone and Wheel. The above said statements are false to my knowledge.

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