Toll Charges In Trichy

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Trichy a.k.a Tiruchirapalli, is known for its temple, food, and many more.  We welcome everyone to toll Trichy. If you travel often, you should be aware about the toll charges in India. Sometimes toll charges are higher than train fare, we can complete our to and fro journey in train, which will not exceed toll charges. Trichy dose’t have many train originating from Trichy Junction, and that is totally out of the scope of the article.

toll plaza

Toll charges in Tamil Nadu is high when compared to other states in India. Believe me ! There are many questions for people who come to visit temples and other locations in Trichy. This article will give you that toll charges that you have to pay while entering and leaving Trichy.

Trichy is the heart of Tamil Nadu, you can reach all most all southern districts in an eight hour journey from Trichy.

Comparison between toll charges and train fare:-

[table id=2 /]

The above table shows the travel time, toll charges and train fare. Toll charges are not fair in Trichy. Trichy people know that where ever they go, they have to pay toll charges. The below table shows the place where should you pay toll if you are leaving and entering Trichy.

[table id=3 /]

You can not escape from paying toll while entering and leaving Trichy. Shri Nitin Jairam Gadkari Honourable Minister for road transport and highway once said “tolls will be removed soon.”

High and low toll charges:-

Toll charges will be collected by the private party which lays road. The main reason for collecting toll is to recover the amount spent by the road contractor for laying the road. Assume this example, a road is laid by a contractor called “X”. After the completion of road, the Government or National Highway Authority Of India (NHAI) will allow “X” to collect the amount that is spent in laying the road for some years, which includes maintenance of the road.

X collects toll charges for ten years and recovers the amount spent and still increases the toll charges instead of decreasing the toll charges. And no maintenance is done.  Toll charges should be lowered, but toll chargers are hiked in many places.

toll price

What people expect from Toll plaza:-

  • Basic amenities like restroom, air pressure checker
  • Regulate traffic in toll plaza
  • Cafeteria
  • Toll plaza workers should have proper change, you cannot except every driver to bring correct change.
  • Complaint book

There is complaint book in every toll plaza when you ask that book, they will give you a LKG student rough note book. While, their higher official ask about the complaint book, the toll plaza workers will show a college student class work note. As a common citizen of India, hope this will change.

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