The Benefit of Brand Endorsement:Maggi Noodles

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Maggi Maggi and Maggi everywhere. India is talking about Maggi. The lead content in Maggi Noodles has sparked a row in Media. After some days Live larvae is found in Nestle product in Tamil Nadu. Maggi was the life saver in many Indian home. bachelor, spinster and children love it.

maggi noodles


The tag line for Maggi was “Just 2 minutes” means you can cook Nestle Maggi in two minutes, but I have never cooked in two minutes, have you?

Maggi Troll:-

Maggi meme is famous still. Here is the best maggi troll ever



Maggi was an integral part of many Indian. But now? Am so sorry Nestle India. But Indian Government should also look into other noodles producers.

Brand Ambassador for Maggi:-

It is not bachelor, spinster and children who miss maggi noodles and facing the problem of cooking. The problem is for brand ambassador for Nestle Maggi. First it was Madhuri Dixit then Amitabh Bachchan and now Preity Zinta, an FIR is filed for being brand ambassador of Maggi. I was like should every brand ambassador check the product that they are endorsing? Then half of their life will end in testing the brand, but their bank balance will raise, uuussshhh ! I should not talk about that because I will be sued.

Imagine what will happen if all celebrities start testing brand that they are endorsing ?

1)If a celebrities is endorsing Lakshman Rekha(Magic Chalk extremely effective against crawling Insects like Cockroaches)- Every brand ambassador should use it in their home and after seeing the result they should endorse it.

How it will be for Toilet cleaner, Inverter and more.

2)Battery-Akshay will have more power than SRK

3)Jewellery-Sathyaraj, Prabhu and Bachchan family will have more gold than Indian Government

4)Bikes-Bhai will have more bikes in his home and in …..

5)Beverages-Ranbir, Dhoni, Kohli will never say yeh dil maange more

6)Pan Masala- Breakfast, Lunch and dinner for Ajay Devagan will be Pan Masala

7)Water Purifier-What ever happens”kent deta hai sabse shudh pani” Hema Malini never worries about anything

8)No Alia Bhatt no space for you. Am not going to say anything about you

Whatever Nestle done is a sin. Not alone maggi noodles, there are many products/company in India which makes profit by killing people slowly. Indian Government should take serious action against such companies and remember Kitchen of every Indian Hotel should be checked.

We Love Maggi Noodles-No More!

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