Srirangam by election-The inside pocket story.

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Srirangam, also known as Bhooloka Vaikuntam is going to face its bypolls by 13-02-2015. The reason for the bypolls is the AIADMK Cheif, J.Jayalalitha asset case. I don’t want to go deep into the case, as many blogs, News Channels and Newspapers have given and are giving more information about the case. Srirangam is the must to visit place in Trichy. To be frank the only reason to visit  Srirangam is Sri Ranganathaswamy Templeother than that there is nothing in Srirangam to visit.

What AIADMK has done in Srirangam?:-

The former Cheif Minister has done some good things like,

  • Yatri Nivas
  • Butterfly Park
  • Integrated Bus stand
  • Good roads
  • The new bridge
  • Strengthening of the Melur bank

and many more to include.

The Srirangam by election:-

The bypoll is on 13-02-2015, major parties like ADMK, DMK, BJP and CPI have fielded their candidates for Srirangam election. For the past one month Srirangam looks like a party hall. The campaign has come to an end by Six p.m today. The pre poll surveys clearly say AIADMK candidate will win the bypoll. Then what is the major problem in the Srirangam bypoll?

Srirangam Trichy

The Pocket Stroy:-

The tension in  Srirangam is high.

  • ADMK party workers were asked to vacate the Yatri Nivas.
  • Clashes between BJP and ADMK party workers.
  • DMK and ADMK party workers clash by 11-2-2015.

The pocket issue is money. There are two categories of people in Srirangam as per the Political party, one is the educated people and other is non educated people. The amount of money varies for both categories, for educated people, the distributed amount is Rs.2000 and for non-educated people distributed amount is Rs.5000. Good political thinking !

Must see place in Trichy


Some jokes on Srirangam by election. Please don’t take it serious.

1)Srirangam people have become rich by a few thousands  in the past few days. You know what I mean.

2) Srirangam people want bypoll every month. More election=More cash.

But the truth is “Srirangam has not seen any development still, only real estate price has gone up.”

Our people are too good, they get cash, and all freebies from all party men and vote their own party. Freebies has to be stopped, we all know it makes us lazy, even there is a petition in High Court  that Political party should not distribute or announce any freebies during election campaign. Let us all work for the development of the Nation.

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