Job Sites Blocked In Office? Its Not Fair.

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Me:Hai buddy how are you doing?

My friend:Not bad. How about you?

Me:Fine and why not good but bad? Why not so active in social media and whatsapp?

My friend:I have no access to that dude.


My friend:All sites blocked in office.

Me:Everything? what are all the site that have been blocked?

My friend:All social media, job sites and many in the list, in simple man all most everything.

Me:That’s too bad. Social media is ok, many will waste their time but why job sites are blocked man?

My friend:They don’t wan’t anybody to apply for another job.

Me:That’s good. Ok buddy see you soon. Been in touch.

My friend:After hearing this all you wan’t me to be in touch with the world?

Me:lol. See you buddy.

My friend:See you.


After this conversation, I asked many of my friends about blocking sites in their company. I got a 50:50 response from my friends. But why did you block sites? There are two ways that a company should act,

  1. Say to the employee in the induction program that no wifi will be provided and all sites that disturb work is blocked.
  2. Allow partial blocking, i.e fix a data/time limit(not after/before office hours, I can use internet in my home) to every IP for visiting all websites.

Responsibility of every employer and employee:-

Always the employee is the first right? A small advice to every employee.¬†Using social media in office should not be a problem but don’t take an advantage and forget to do your work in office hours. Taking some rest from work is always needed(or follow Japanese model of office work) but do the work within the given time or office hours. You are responsible for your job, you are hired to do that. Work for the money you get as salary or resign asap.

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To employer:- I have advised every employee about work ethics in this article I think. Now this paragraph is for you dear employer. Why job sites are blocked in your office? Fear of loosing an employee? If it’s fear then your employees are so worthy, am I right? or fear of labour turnover? Then keep them happy. Your employee knows that, you too have a stomach and a family. Ultimate thing of everyone’s life is money. So if you fire your employee, explain the reason for doing so and the point he is weak in.

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The point in blocking a job site is simple, why should an employee apply for another job if you keep him happy in terms of salary and other things?

The reason why no job sites should be blocked:-

To employee, apply too many job as you can so that by reading the job description you can understand the latest trends in job market, new technology that are used and available in your domain. Use that in your organisation to increase the profit and your productivity.

Use internet in home:-

The common question I will get is, why can’t the employee use internet in his home to gain knowledge and apply for another job. An employee is supposed to do his job in office and not apply for job from office in office hours. You are right boss ! I accept it.

Me:Your employee is a human and he is made of flesh, not by metals. Why should an employee apply for another job if he is happy in your office? think in that way. To put in simple, working 8 hours continuously is very hard. No one can do that, if you say you are working 8 hours a day, STOP it, I basically don’t argue with a lier. Office culture and attitude of the employee is important. Don’t ruin the culture and leave your worthy employee.


This article is not for blaming any employee and employer. Deal everyone like adults, both employee and employer have emotions.

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