How To Link Voter Id With Aadhaar Card

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Indian Government is keen to check bogus voters. The best way to reduce fraudulent voters and duplicate names in electoral list is to link Voter id with Aadhaar card. The deadline to link voter id and aadhaar card is by July. The Election commission and aadhaar card authorities have created a platform to link voter id and aadhaar card, they call it as EPIC – Aadhaar Seeding. In this post I will show easy steps to link Voter id with Aadhaar Card.

link aadhaar card with voter id

How To Link Voter Id With Aadhaar Card:-

There are three ways to do the aadhaar seeding process, they are by

  1. Portal or self seeding
  2. By SMS
  3. Call center

Portal or Self seeding:-

Portal or self seeding is the best way to link it. I did by this way, you to can do it in three clicks.

Step 1:-Take your Voter Id and Aadhaar card.

Step 2:- Go to

Step 3:- You can see a tab with two options, one is search by details and another is search by EPIC No. Click search by EPIC No, because it is easy to use.

epic numberIf you have enough time you can choose, search by details.

Step 4:- Enter your EPIC number in the box, choose your State and hit search.

aadhaar card

Step 5:- Once you hit search button, you will  get some details. Below action you can see an option “Feed Aadhaar No”

voter id no

click Feed Aadhaar No.

Step 6:- A pop up window will open asking you to fill your details including Aadhaar card number. Fill it and click submit.

You will get a message like this:-

link aadhaar card

You have successfully linked you Voter id and Aadhaar card. Wait for some time ,an SMS will be sent as acknowledgement.

2.By SMS:-

How to link voter id with Aadhaar card by SMS. This is the easy step but you have to wait for more than an hour to receive confirmation.

Send SMS to 166 or 51969 in the format

ECILINK <EPIC_Number> <Aadhaar_Number>

 3.Call center:-

The last easy option is to call 1950 between 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, give you EPIC number and Aadhaar card number to link.

How to find out whether my Voter Id is linked with Aadhaar card?:-

 The only way to check whether you have linked you voter id with Aadhaar card is to do the Portal or self seeding procedure, after hitting submit in last pop up window you get a message

voter id linking


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