How To Keep Trichy Clean

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Suutham Soru Podum means Cleanliness will give/provide you food. Cleanliness is next to God. We all know Tiruchirapalli is the 6th cleanest city in India. Still we are in sixth place, how to keep Trichy clean and make it the number one cleanest city in India? A simple question, will you litter, throw trash, waste and dirt in your home?, can you eat, sleep and live in the same place which you made untidy? The answer will be a big no. Then why do you spit, throw dirt and plastics in road and in public places? That means you don’t love your City/place from heart? Who is responsible for keeping Trichy clean? We and the Trichy City corporation. Before pointing fingers on others, are we trying to keep our Trichy clean? See the below image


The image clearly shows what we are doing and am not pointing all. There are some responsible citizens in my Trichy City who never throw dirt, trash in road and in Public places. I salute them. My strict view, if smoking in public is an offence, then littering should also be made as an offence, at least for a span of 10 years, so it will become a routine part of our people’s daily life after some days they won’t litter.

Why not to litter? What are the after effects of littering? Government has appointed many people to clean and keep our city clean, remember they are also Human Beings. We should respect them for the work that they are doing. They clean what we litter, spit, including chewing gum, cigars, plastics, papers etc. Keeping Trichy clean is not our duty alone. Yes, its Government duty too, corporation don’t have time and enough man power to clean all places in the city. If the place is not in corporation limit, then they wont care and clean it, so it means the area after the corporation limit is not in their control or they won’t care about it? I don’t have an answer for it.

cigar smoke causes cancer

Always use eco-friendly products which are made with leafs or with recyclable materials. When you are in a long journey it is not possible to throw soda or plastic water bottles, papers in a dustbin, instead keep the water/soda in the bottle and when you see a dustbin empty the bottle and throw it in the dustbin and not in the road and have a bag to put the waste in it and later put it in a dustbin. Putting waste inside the dustbin correctly will keep 75% of every city clean. Remember the campaign that was initiated by our Government? Swachh Bharat campaign by our Government is neither hit nor flop because, some people do it and some not, that is some people keep their locality clean and some not. 

Why should you keep Trichy Clean?:-

This is the question that would arise in everyone’s mind.  The answer for that question with advantages of keeping our city clean is below.

Preserve Historic Monuments in Trichy:-

India is know from its historic monuments, it is our duty to protect and maintain it. Trichy is known for it’s historic places and temples like Rockfort Ganesh temple(Ucchi Pillayar Temple), Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple, Appakkudathaan Perumal Temple,  Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Thirupattur and many more. Spiting tobacco, smoking and writing in walls should be stopped, by doing this you are destroying our culture and heritage.

throw waste

To Promote Tourism in Trichy:-

Tourism is one of the foreign currency earning industry which increases the economy of the country. There are many small, medium and large scale business peoples who run their life depending on the tourism industry. Keeping our city clean will attract more foreign tourist thus Indian economy will also improve. 

Attracting Multinational Companies in Trichy:- 

Attracting multinational companies is not solely depend on keeping a city clean. There are various factors that should be made by the Government to attract MNC’s. Keeping Trichy clean will create a good impression among the MNC’s to start a company in our city. More companies then more employment opportunity.

Preserving the Environment:-

Throwing  plastic cans, wrappers and plastic materials in park or in other public places will make the place untidy, plastic will not decompose and will lead to degradation of the soil. Plastic will not decompose so soon, see the below picture on how long it can lastTrichy Clean

For Better Health of People:-

First line of the article says everything. If you keep your area clean, and dispose every waste correctly then there will be no insects and mosquitoes that spread chicken pox, jaundice, malaria and many disease. Keep your area/city clean and stay hygiene. Spitting will lead to pulmonary tuberculosis.

spitting TB

The above said things would have made clear, why should I keep my city clean? Keeping a city clean won’t keep as healthy, but has an impact on economy, creates more space to live if waste are properly disposed. Now I would have made it clear what we should do.

Now what should the Government do to keep Trichy Clean?:-

1)Keep dustbins in all public places like Bus stations, Railway stations, etc, kept it at a proper distance in roads.

2)Proper waste containers should be kept in every area.

3)Cleaning of public places regularly, including places which is not within the corporation limit.

4)Create awareness on importance of cleanliness and should educate people, the after effects of not keeping the city clean (like diseases).

5)Public toilets should be built and they should be maintained regularly.

litter in city

There is a common term, spot fix. Spot fix means a group of people join together and clean a place in a day. Is it possible to do it? They did it, many volunteers from Trichy recently did a spot fix in various places. Is it worth doing? 50% yes and 50% no. On seeing the spot fix many people will learn how to dispose the waste properly, but there are some people who think, there is a group who come and clean our area if it is untidy, so we can litter and they will take care of the cleaning. In Tamil “pathu passanga varuvanga pa, avanga vanthu clean panuvanga namaku yenna”. You can’t say that these kind of people don’t exist.


So what I did for it was, instead of doing a spot fix, I was about to educate people on the effects of littering, spitting, throwing waste, plastics in road and in public places. I created a Facebook page called Facebook page of Keep Trichy Clean,and started a campaign in Facebook. The page got around 1000 likes in a month without any promotion, but the people who I met(big shots and some persons who can influence people) to do a small story/campaign, said sorry as they did’t get any profit/fame out of it. If you can help me in creating a campaign to keep Trichy clean, you can contact me at sriram.umashankar[at]gmail[dot]com

trichy garbage yard

Spread awareness and share this article with all to keep our city clean.

keep calm memes

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