Buying Property in Trichy? Read this before spending your money.

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Trichy, the heart of Tamil Nadu from where you can travel to all parts of the state, approximately within a six-hour drive. Trichy is the ideal destination for more reasons than one. The added advantage is, being situated in the heart of the State, where there is frequent train services to all parts of India, Trichy is well connected by road and air transport. Industries play a major role in Trichy’s development. Trichy has many industries, like BHEL, OFT, HAPP, Golden Rock workshop, includes Hundred plus ancillary industries which creates more job opportunities. Trichy is an educational hub, there are around 200 plus college in Trichy. Students from all parts of the Country join in private and Government colleges in and around Trichy.

buying apartments in srirangam
Trichy has many renowned hospitals that make a plus for buying property in Trichy. Over the past five years, Trichy has seen significant growth in health care standards. Tier II cites like Trichy are known as retirement paradise by many builders. World class Hospitals and escape from tension free city life makes Trichy a retiree’s retreat. People like investing in small houses or flats as an investment and as a future living option.
Gated community is getting big in Trichy as people look for safety and all other amenities in one place. In many ways, the simple lifestyle that the city has, inspired many from different parts of the State, to invest in Trichy city and its nature.

What ever the facilities available in Trichy, real estate industry in Trichy is always at its peak. Now let me divide Trichy into different Geographical locations and explain facilities that are available for home buyers Trichy. Srirangam and Thiruvanaikoil, K.K Nagar, Vayalur road and Urayur, Thillainagar and Cantonment, Thuvakudi road are the main developed and developing area in Trichy.

Let us discuss each and every area in detail.

Srirangam and Thiruvanaikoil:-

The highly populated area and still growing with more residential buildings and apartments, Srirangam has not seen any development still. Only a true resident knows that there is no development to residents.

Buying Property in Srirangam:-

To check:-

There are lots of building violations reported in Srirangam, Trichy. To curb that Government has passed an order that only two floors is allowed for construction, i.e G+2 is only allowed within a radius of 2Kms from Raja Gopuram of The Ranganthaswamy temple, Srirangam. Thiruvanaikoil doesn’t have any restriction in construction.


Buying Property in K.K Nagar:-

K.K Nagar once not consider as a better place to live, has seen a huge development in apartments and individual. K.K Nagar includes Airport road and Crawford. The development in K.K Nagar is after construction of Mannarpuram ring road and highway. Sill there is no regular bus connectivity to these parts including Airport road and Crawford, Trichy.

To check:-

Make sure there is adequate water supply with corporation water connection. Because water scarcity is still there in those areas.

Buying Property in Vayalur road and Urayur:-

Urayur is a developed area in Trichy with good schools and well connected with bus around the clock. Vayalur road is a developing area in Trichy. Water supply is good but, bus service to Vayalur is a big problem. Urayur is a congested place and has a common wall for two houses.

To check:-

Common wall and no place to build a full fledged home matters a lot.

Buying Property in Thillainagar and Cantonment:-

The place where money plays a huge role in buying homes, apartments and residential property in Trichy is Thillainagar and Cantonment. Well connected by road and has many good Schools, happening place in Trichy, Thillainagar and Cantonment area is also nearby Central and Chatram bus stand and Railway Junction. Highly sophisticated area in Trichy.

To check:-

Check your pocket, that’s it.

Buying Property in Thuvakudi road:-

The industrial hub of Trichy. The road connects all major industries and ancillary industries, Thuvakudi road is not concentrated by many builders. A place in Trichy that has more bus connectivity is, between Chatram and Thuvakudi. Good schools and water regular water supply, bus connectivity is an advantage in this area.

To check:-

High rent which is equal to the rent received in Srirangam makes exposes the ugly side of the area.

buying property in trichy

I think I have almost all parts of Trichy in this article of Buying Property in Trichy, and it’s features and things that you have to check. If I have missed some places, let us discuss in the comment section.



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4 thoughts on “Buying Property in Trichy? Read this before spending your money.

    1. Karumandapam is a fast developing area. To be honest, there is only little land available. But still you can get some good deals with builders.
      You can reach Railway junction and central busstand in less than 20 minutes(flyover is an added advantage)
      Good CBSE schools, college, shops ane with the proximity.
      Water scarcity(Trichy has water problem for the last 3 years)

      Happy buying.

  1. Dear sir, Thanks for the information, its great work to write and help people finding place. 1.what is fast growing area in trichy to invest? 2.chinapanaiyur, archampatti agriculural land is good for investment? 3. hows melachinthamani area? i have old home there, behind river. what is the price of that area now?

    1. Hello Ram,
      Sorry for the late reply.
      Thanks for your comments.
      Answer to your questions as follows-
      1) Srirangam, TV-Kovil, Old paal pannai region
      2) Archampatti is good for agri
      3) Melachinthamani is a good area. You can sell from 6k to 7k per Sq.Ft

      Thanks for your comments again.

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